Mr Autumn sets fire to some trees

Hey guys

Autumn is going completely crazy here in Germany. On the way to the market yesterday I took some photos on my phone. Check it out!


The market is a really nice place. My family and I go there nearly every Saturday! You can buy loads of different stuff, including veggies, fruit, cocoa, bread, meat, and cheese.

You know how I said last time that my friends would like this website? Well, it turns out I was right. My friend (weird nickname alert) Netvii has started following me. Thanks, Friend!

A few weeks ago I made some Minecraft Hama beads. See if you can see which is which, and tell me in the comments:


Minecraft hama beads




Today, Blog #002, My Minecraft Trivia fact is: Did you know that there is supposed to be a legendary and rare pink sheep in Minecraft WITHOUT MODS?

Pink sheep

See ya next time!

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