My school trip gets three stars

Hey guys

Sorry that I couldn’t write for so long, I was on a school trip. It was pretty bad because it was really cold and dark, but fun because instead of sleeping we threw a party. We chucked popcorn around, shouted at everybody who happened to be awake and generally drove the teachers mad. They gave us a great lecture in the morning, they did.

Do any of you know what Skywars is? It’s basically a minigame in Minecraft which you can play in certain servers. It involves you landing on a floating island in the midst of others and getting stuff from chests, including armor, food, weapons, tools, blocks to build to other islands, special compasses which show where the other players are and if you’re lucky, enderpearls. The aim is to be the last player standing by killing everybody else or knocking them off islands, which also teleports the player to the lobby. I recommend playing it on the servers Mineplex or Cubecraft games. In my opinion, they have the best formats.

minecraft skywars cubecraft games

Well friends, I have yet again changed my favourite song, and for the first time in my life it’s in German. The name is Copacabana, by Leon Machère. Here’s the video:



Well, folks, it’s #005 and the MTF is a new server. I first noticed THE HIVE about two weeks ago, and it’s a new featured server in Minecraft. You can play quite a few games there, and it’s on the way to becoming a good server. I recommend checking it out!

The Hive minecraft

See ya next time!



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