Merry Christmas!!!

Hey guys

Jeez, I´ve been incredibly busy in the last few weeks. That´s why I couldn´t write so long. I was just going to say in this blog post, thanks a bunch to all of you readers out there. I appreciate the interest you´ve taken in me.

So, getting the soppy stuff out of the way, I´ll proceed to introducing you to my new family members. Say hello to Coco and Kiwi!

Christmas budgies

(No, that´s not them. Thats just a clipart of cute Christmas budgies.What? They´re cute!)

In the brilliantly cute pictures you see up there, you are looking at my new baby budgies. In both of the pictures, Kiwi is sitting in the grass  and munching. Grass is pretty much their favourite food!


I´ve gone off Minecraft for now, so instead of MTF I´ll be doing a Hama bead idea every post. It´s blog #008 and Christmas eve, so naturally I´ll do something Christmassy like this. I found an idea for this on the Internet, and when we did secret santa at school I gave my person this.

Christmas hama bead

See ya next time!


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