Happy new year!

Hello guys,

school´s up and running again, the hols are over. I had an absolutely amazing holiday in England, going to Oxford and then to London, as you can see from the picture. We had a great time with friends there, but I enjoy going to school as well. Here are some pictures we got from London, including the Cutty Sark and the view of London from Greenwich Park.

It felt a bit weird to come back to the country where I lived, but even stranger to come back to the city where I was born (London) and not remember anything. I moved from London to Oxford when I was three, so I have no recollection of it.

Anyways, I was just surfing the internet when I found this interesting website with funny robots and other things. I have the link on this page.

I especially liked this little robot called MiP. He has a few different types of mode and even a tray with which he can carry up to his own weight! He also has this cool kind of gesture sensor which makes him do stuff according to what you do with your hands and an app with which you can control him completely!

mip robot


This time (009) it´s an amazing Minecraft build to top the post. This incredible Minecraft airplane is stunning from all directions. I don´t know how many blocks were used in the making of this masterpiece, but I´d say at least 1000. Sadly it does not work, but I´m told it can be made to with a complex Redstone system.

minecraft airoplane

See ya next time!


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