I High Five a Pro Volleyball Player

Hi guys,

I had like LOADS of stuff to do so I didn´t have time to blog. On the weekend I went to a Volleyball game of the SnowTrex Köln against Bad Laer and I was one of the ball girls! I sat in the middle next to the Ref, and it was my job to make sure that there was a ball on each side of the field. I assure you it wasn´t as complicated as it sounds. Check it out!

So I started this new program where I basically build something in Minecraft and then I make a screenshot of it with me in the background in a skin that fits the theme. For example, at the moment I´m building a bunker and when I´m done I´m going to do a screenshot of it with me as a SWAT dude. And after that, I´m going to do a Viking longship. Can you guess which skin I´m going to use there? I found some pix of the Program on the internet. Some of them are pretty awesome:


Well, folks, its ´the end of blog post #010 and time for our ever-changing ending. Today I will be showing you the (in my opinion) coolest skins ever. Note: these are only three of the many amazing skins out there. Here they are:


See ya next time!!

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