Kölle ALAAF!

Hey guys

in Cologne, the party is raging for it is CARNIVAL!!!!! Carnival is five days in the year where the Cologners wear costumes, go to processions, drink loads of beer (GROWN-UPS ONLY) and generally go completely barking bonkers. We had a great party at school where we danced in front of the whole school! Everybody clapped us. Two boys dressed as Men In Black won the costume contest in our class. I didn´t think their costumes were very good, they only had suits and sunglasses.

This year the sweeties have literally been flying into my bag. I say literally because the people who are in the procession throw sweets at the onlookers. Yesterday when I was in the second-biggest march in Cologne, the Scholl- und Veedelszöch, there was this one dude next to me who had actually brought an umbrella and was catching Kamelle (sweets in Kölsch) galore. Well, I´ll give him a break since it was raining. All I have to say is that it pays off to know people in Cologne because they give you loads and loads of sweets and that it also pays off to have an A+ in catching! Or maybe it was because of my brilliant Harry Potter costume that I got so much…


I have started the Minecraft programme and it´s going great! It´s a lot easier than I thought. All I have to do is get the right skin, build the bunker or whatever I´m building, screenshot it and crop the picture.  I made a steampunk submarine, a Viking longship and a military bunker, all of course with fitting skins. Check it out!

Minecraft Programme pic 1Minecraft Programme pic 3Minecraft Programme pic 2

See ya next time!

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