If I had socks on, I would have swum my socks off

Hey guys,

last Thursday I was at a swimming competition for my school. It was really incredible, about seven schools were there including some schools for disabled people. The girls (INCLUDING ME!!!!!!) won the relay race, which means that we became the city champions! The boys didn´t win their race and the mixed team didn´t either, but it was pretty unfair because the whole team was sure that our boys’ team had been faster.




Well, there´s more big news for me because my Dad sprung a big surprise on me yesterday when he told me that he was going to buy me a Nintendo switch! It is up and running now in the living room and Dad and I have already played a round of Mario Kart 8 deluxe. I won all for grand prix rounds! It is really incredible, I recommend the switch to anyone looking for a console.



Well guys, this time I´ll be showing you some awesome steampunk builds. I´m gonna be making something like them soon. I´ll put a pic of it in my next post. LOOK AT THAT!



See ya next time!




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