Even after 1 week holiday in Spain, I still mix up Spanish and Italian

Hey guys

since my swimming tournament, I really haven’t had much time to write. That also means (good news!!!) that this blog post will be packed with pics, info and (naturally) something about Minecraft at the end.

So, first about my title story. Yes, we went to Spain, Andalusia to be precise. It was really sunny, although the weather was actually better in Germany, which drove Mum nuts. My dad and I did go swimming in the sea, though. It was freezing! Mum was a chicken and swum in the pool. It was a lot warmer in the pool, so I’ll give her a break. It was Easter when we went, so it was absolutely packed with tourists from cruise ships. Those things are seriously huge. I don’t think I’ll ever go to one, I don’t like feeling cramped and the rooms in those monsters are tiny. We went to an Easter procession too, which was a bit creepy but cool. There are men who carry a ginormous float with Jesus on it around. It must weigh a ton, but apparently it’s a great honor to carry it. There is a big band who walks with them, and the local teens wear purple robes with pointy hoods. It’s always nice to see what other countries do for Easter. In Greece, for example, they have only red eggs and not colorful ones. In Spain, we also realized that we are not hotel people. We don’t like lying around in the sun, we always want to be up and about.

The last week, I also had to make the decision about which sport I should do. Either I do volleyball, swimming or judo or two of those three. In the end (after a fair amount of pondering, arguing and talking to relatives), I decided that until the next normal volleyball season ( at the moment it’s beach volleyball) I’ll do judo twice a week and leave swimming out. I want to get the orange judo belt anyway. Feel free to tell me what you would’ve done in the comments (I feel a heated debate between judoka, swimmers and volleyball players coming up).


As you might know, I love showing stuff to the community. Why else would I have a blog? Well, a friend of mine, Edgar, has opened his own Minecraft server. I’m not sure how he did it, or if it cost any money, but I like the idea and am going to look up how to do it. If anybody has tips, please write them in the comments. I have literally no idea how to do it yet. I think I’m gonna call it Minigames, Maps and More, tripleM for short. And now it’s your turn: what’s your favorite Minecraft server? What would you call your own? What Minigames would you add? I hope you have answers to these questions when I

see ya next time!

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