I know I literally wrote a post like 5 minutes ago, but I have something new to say again (as always). Easter is coming, and even though we’re all sitting at home bored out of our minds, it’s still gonna be fun.

So I made some hanging Egg decorations, and here’s how to make them.

What will you need?

  • Nail polish in any colour you want
  • Blown out eggs(Obviously)
  • Plastic bowl
  • lukewarm water


Basically, you put lukewarm water into a plastic bowl, one that you’re not likely to use after this project. then you kinda splatter some nail polish in (It should float around at the top – if it doesn’t, make the water warmer), and when you dunk the eggs in and roll them about a bit it should make some nice patterns. Watch out for your fingers – nail polish doesn’t come off easily.

I got the idea for this project from a german girls’ magazine called ‘Mädchen – made by you’. Go check it out (If you can read in german).

See ya next time!


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