It’s Corona Time

Ok, guys, as you might have noticed I kinda goofed off writing aaaaaand well hi I’m back.  I thought that since the Internet doesn’t really give a crap about some random girl Imma have to do something to make it interesting. So this blog is gonna be more about Gaming (MC and Roblox) and stuff that I DIY. I hope you’re happy, Internet.

So I changed a bunch of stuff since I stopped writing and now I have this really awesome Skin that I saw in some Video or other. I literally spent like 10 minutes just tracking that skin down using namemc and a load of other stuff. I also want an Optifine cape in red and I wanna change my name to _Sw33TbutPSYCHO_  because it sounds freaking awesome. I got a VIP+ rank on hypixel and I’m starting to look sweatier and less like some nooby no-skin.

Thatdownload‘s my new skin. Craycray, am I right?

So umm yeh I’ll see you in the next post. Bai!



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