I know I literally wrote a post like 5 minutes ago, but I have something new to say again (as always). Easter is coming, and even though we’re all sitting at home bored out of our minds, it’s still gonna be fun.

So I made some hanging Egg decorations, and here’s how to make them.

What will you need?

  • Nail polish in any colour you want
  • Blown out eggs(Obviously)
  • Plastic bowl
  • lukewarm water


Basically, you put lukewarm water into a plastic bowl, one that you’re not likely to use after this project. then you kinda splatter some nail polish in (It should float around at the top – if it doesn’t, make the water warmer), and when you dunk the eggs in and roll them about a bit it should make some nice patterns. Watch out for your fingers – nail polish doesn’t come off easily.

I got the idea for this project from a german girls’ magazine called ‘Mädchen – made by you’. Go check it out (If you can read in german).

See ya next time!


It’s Corona Time

Ok, guys, as you might have noticed I kinda goofed off writing aaaaaand well hi I’m back.  I thought that since the Internet doesn’t really give a crap about some random girl Imma have to do something to make it interesting. So this blog is gonna be more about Gaming (MC and Roblox) and stuff that I DIY. I hope you’re happy, Internet.

So I changed a bunch of stuff since I stopped writing and now I have this really awesome Skin that I saw in some Video or other. I literally spent like 10 minutes just tracking that skin down using namemc and a load of other stuff. I also want an Optifine cape in red and I wanna change my name to _Sw33TbutPSYCHO_  because it sounds freaking awesome. I got a VIP+ rank on hypixel and I’m starting to look sweatier and less like some nooby no-skin.

Thatdownload‘s my new skin. Craycray, am I right?

So umm yeh I’ll see you in the next post. Bai!



3 Bank Holidays Followed By A Weekend. Sure, Why Not?

Hey guys

Yes, us Germans have 3 bank holidays, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, followed by a weekend. Because this weirdness is so awesome, Dad and I are in England to see all of my friends. We’re staying at the house of Dad’s friend, it’s pretty cool. Best thing: Dad is dropping me off for a sleepover at my friend’s house cause he’s got this business trip thingamajiggy in London. It’s gonna be so FUN!!! I’m so looking forward to it. I’ve noticed a few things that changed since I last came. And it’s kinda disconcerting that I’m technically a year above my friends, cause in Germany you go to high school a year earlier. But all in all, it’s just same old, same old.

Germany England pic

So, moving on, in Edgar’s server is looking good. We’ve made a PvP area and now we wanna make capture the flag. He does the redstone and commands, I do the pretty building. Btdubs, this is only cause I haven’t the faintest idea of redstone. We did a cannon competition, right? I did this little fire charge cannon I got from MagmaMusen on YouTube, and then he comes up with this huge contraption with bits and pieces I didn’t even know existed. He fired it up, and DAMN that thing could shoot. That thing would’ve made a beautiful firework launcher. Here is the tutorial for my cannon, and here’s the one for Edgars.

Minecraft tnt cannon

Talking about Minecraft builds, my friend Maite and I are building a dystopian city in Minecraft. Don’t ask me why, but I’ve got a thing for dystopia and post-apocalypse and stuff like that. We’re going to make it out of dark, grainy blocks like stone and gravel. It’s going to be awesome. We’ll have a typical town layout, with a town hall in the middle and different houses. There’s one thing that Edgar isn’t allowed to know, which is easy here since his English isn’t very advanced. I’m going (somehow) to give it to him for a zombie survival map. Add some chests with loot, put in an indestructible spawner, it’ll be perfect!! But SSSSSHHHHH you bilinguals out there, DON’T TELL HIM!!!

Well, that’s about it for today!! Next time I’ll be telling y’all about my plans for a post-apocalyptic costume.

see ya!!


Even after 1 week holiday in Spain, I still mix up Spanish and Italian

Hey guys

since my swimming tournament, I really haven’t had much time to write. That also means (good news!!!) that this blog post will be packed with pics, info and (naturally) something about Minecraft at the end.

So, first about my title story. Yes, we went to Spain, Andalusia to be precise. It was really sunny, although the weather was actually better in Germany, which drove Mum nuts. My dad and I did go swimming in the sea, though. It was freezing! Mum was a chicken and swum in the pool. It was a lot warmer in the pool, so I’ll give her a break. It was Easter when we went, so it was absolutely packed with tourists from cruise ships. Those things are seriously huge. I don’t think I’ll ever go to one, I don’t like feeling cramped and the rooms in those monsters are tiny. We went to an Easter procession too, which was a bit creepy but cool. There are men who carry a ginormous float with Jesus on it around. It must weigh a ton, but apparently it’s a great honor to carry it. There is a big band who walks with them, and the local teens wear purple robes with pointy hoods. It’s always nice to see what other countries do for Easter. In Greece, for example, they have only red eggs and not colorful ones. In Spain, we also realized that we are not hotel people. We don’t like lying around in the sun, we always want to be up and about.

The last week, I also had to make the decision about which sport I should do. Either I do volleyball, swimming or judo or two of those three. In the end (after a fair amount of pondering, arguing and talking to relatives), I decided that until the next normal volleyball season ( at the moment it’s beach volleyball) I’ll do judo twice a week and leave swimming out. I want to get the orange judo belt anyway. Feel free to tell me what you would’ve done in the comments (I feel a heated debate between judoka, swimmers and volleyball players coming up).


As you might know, I love showing stuff to the community. Why else would I have a blog? Well, a friend of mine, Edgar, has opened his own Minecraft server. I’m not sure how he did it, or if it cost any money, but I like the idea and am going to look up how to do it. If anybody has tips, please write them in the comments. I have literally no idea how to do it yet. I think I’m gonna call it Minigames, Maps and More, tripleM for short. And now it’s your turn: what’s your favorite Minecraft server? What would you call your own? What Minigames would you add? I hope you have answers to these questions when I

see ya next time!

If I had socks on, I would have swum my socks off

Hey guys,

last Thursday I was at a swimming competition for my school. It was really incredible, about seven schools were there including some schools for disabled people. The girls (INCLUDING ME!!!!!!) won the relay race, which means that we became the city champions! The boys didn´t win their race and the mixed team didn´t either, but it was pretty unfair because the whole team was sure that our boys’ team had been faster.




Well, there´s more big news for me because my Dad sprung a big surprise on me yesterday when he told me that he was going to buy me a Nintendo switch! It is up and running now in the living room and Dad and I have already played a round of Mario Kart 8 deluxe. I won all for grand prix rounds! It is really incredible, I recommend the switch to anyone looking for a console.



Well guys, this time I´ll be showing you some awesome steampunk builds. I´m gonna be making something like them soon. I´ll put a pic of it in my next post. LOOK AT THAT!



See ya next time!




Kölle ALAAF!

Hey guys

in Cologne, the party is raging for it is CARNIVAL!!!!! Carnival is five days in the year where the Cologners wear costumes, go to processions, drink loads of beer (GROWN-UPS ONLY) and generally go completely barking bonkers. We had a great party at school where we danced in front of the whole school! Everybody clapped us. Two boys dressed as Men In Black won the costume contest in our class. I didn´t think their costumes were very good, they only had suits and sunglasses.

This year the sweeties have literally been flying into my bag. I say literally because the people who are in the procession throw sweets at the onlookers. Yesterday when I was in the second-biggest march in Cologne, the Scholl- und Veedelszöch, there was this one dude next to me who had actually brought an umbrella and was catching Kamelle (sweets in Kölsch) galore. Well, I´ll give him a break since it was raining. All I have to say is that it pays off to know people in Cologne because they give you loads and loads of sweets and that it also pays off to have an A+ in catching! Or maybe it was because of my brilliant Harry Potter costume that I got so much…


I have started the Minecraft programme and it´s going great! It´s a lot easier than I thought. All I have to do is get the right skin, build the bunker or whatever I´m building, screenshot it and crop the picture.  I made a steampunk submarine, a Viking longship and a military bunker, all of course with fitting skins. Check it out!

Minecraft Programme pic 1Minecraft Programme pic 3Minecraft Programme pic 2

See ya next time!

I High Five a Pro Volleyball Player

Hi guys,

I had like LOADS of stuff to do so I didn´t have time to blog. On the weekend I went to a Volleyball game of the SnowTrex Köln against Bad Laer and I was one of the ball girls! I sat in the middle next to the Ref, and it was my job to make sure that there was a ball on each side of the field. I assure you it wasn´t as complicated as it sounds. Check it out!

So I started this new program where I basically build something in Minecraft and then I make a screenshot of it with me in the background in a skin that fits the theme. For example, at the moment I´m building a bunker and when I´m done I´m going to do a screenshot of it with me as a SWAT dude. And after that, I´m going to do a Viking longship. Can you guess which skin I´m going to use there? I found some pix of the Program on the internet. Some of them are pretty awesome:


Well, folks, its ´the end of blog post #010 and time for our ever-changing ending. Today I will be showing you the (in my opinion) coolest skins ever. Note: these are only three of the many amazing skins out there. Here they are:


See ya next time!!

Happy new year!

Hello guys,

school´s up and running again, the hols are over. I had an absolutely amazing holiday in England, going to Oxford and then to London, as you can see from the picture. We had a great time with friends there, but I enjoy going to school as well. Here are some pictures we got from London, including the Cutty Sark and the view of London from Greenwich Park.

It felt a bit weird to come back to the country where I lived, but even stranger to come back to the city where I was born (London) and not remember anything. I moved from London to Oxford when I was three, so I have no recollection of it.

Anyways, I was just surfing the internet when I found this interesting website with funny robots and other things. I have the link on this page.

I especially liked this little robot called MiP. He has a few different types of mode and even a tray with which he can carry up to his own weight! He also has this cool kind of gesture sensor which makes him do stuff according to what you do with your hands and an app with which you can control him completely!

mip robot


This time (009) it´s an amazing Minecraft build to top the post. This incredible Minecraft airplane is stunning from all directions. I don´t know how many blocks were used in the making of this masterpiece, but I´d say at least 1000. Sadly it does not work, but I´m told it can be made to with a complex Redstone system.

minecraft airoplane

See ya next time!


Merry Christmas!!!

Hey guys

Jeez, I´ve been incredibly busy in the last few weeks. That´s why I couldn´t write for so long. I was just going to say in this blog post, thanks a bunch to all of you readers out there. I appreciate the interest you´ve taken in me.

So, getting the soppy stuff out of the way, I´ll proceed to introduce you to my new family members. Say hello to Coco and Kiwi!

Christmas budgies

(No, that´s not them. That’s just clipart of cute Christmas budgies. What? They´re cute!)

In the brilliantly cute pictures, you see up there, you are looking at my new baby budgies. In both of the pictures, Kiwi is sitting in the grass and munching. Grass is pretty much their favorite food!


I´ve gone off Minecraft for now, so instead of MTF, I´ll be doing a Hama bead idea every post. It´s blog #008 and Christmas Eve, so naturally, I´ll do something Christmassy like this. I found an idea for this on the Internet, and when we did secret Santa at school I gave my person this.

Christmas hama bead

See ya next time!


Happy birthday dad!

Hey guys

It was my dad´s birthday yesterday, so I decided as a birthday present I´ll do a blog for him. Firstly, here are some pics for you, pops:


And I also wrote a poem myself, so here it is:

Hello birthday dad

                                                             For standing next to me,

Though you´re not such a young lad

Anymore, I just don´t see

Why that can´t mean that you

Are the best dad anywhere

The way you walk as if brand-new,

And in your natural flair.


Today´s MTF is pretty short, but also flipping amazing: Blog #007´s MTF is: Did you know that the first version of Minecraft was created in only six days? Heres a picture of Minecraft 1.0:

By the way, the picture on the left is the first ever cobblestone. Weird, huh?

See ya next time!