Changing The World Through Transhumanism

Changing The World Through Transhumanism

Technology is advancing further as years pass, becoming better than before with updates to older versions. A group has been formed, which supports the integration of computer chips into a person’s body. This will bring a connection between man and artificial intelligence to be known as transhuman. These people will have enhanced abilities because of the chips working in their body. There is no limit to what can be achieved when this goal of being an enhanced human being is achieved. The philosophy says that transhumanism will solve most of the mortal problems faced like death, disease and low brain power.

Transhumanism seems to be a supported idea because of the benefits it promises to offer once initiated. Nature can unfold as it pleases and humans are at the receiving end of the line. As a mortal human, you cannot control factors affecting your existence, but rather being at their mercy. There are vaccines which help to reduce the body’s vulnerability by strengthening its immune system. Developments in medicine have enabled humans to fight some infections, especially bacterial, but viral infections have not yet been fully understood. This method relies on the body, but transhumanism offers a disease-free world.

Many problems are faced on earth

Reducing or completely removing diseases means being a step closer to achieving immortality. Immortal humans could live long enough to develop advanced technology to colonize other planets. With technology embedded in your body, surviving on another planet could mean just programming you to that planet’s conditions. Living on other planets could be the only option as Earth would no longer sustain the population. And technology that will be used to achieve that will be created by humans who have wired their brains. This means that their intelligence will be greatly advanced as a civilization.

Many problems are faced on earth which can easily be solved with transhuman technology, while computers need control, artificially intelligent machines learn on their own. This can be handy in finding better solutions to problems that have always affected humanity. Transhumanism comes from the idea that a better planet is one where human beings and machines are one. An example is the ongoing research to try and bring dead people back to life after they have died.

Changing The World Through Transhumanism

The process requires quick action, for it to be successful. A person has to be drained of all blood and replace it with a solution. This solution prevents the build up of ice crystals which damage organs like the brain and kidneys. The body is frozen to extremely low temperatures for preservation until scientists can bring it back to life. Some companies are already doing it and thousands have already signed up to be frozen when they die. This just shows how people have welcomed technologies connected to transhumanism. It is not long before science fiction becomes a reality, where things thought to be impossible become possible.

Science is going deeper into its research as it fuels the belief of combining a human with a machine. They aim to enhance the capabilities through turning people into transhumans, and people have welcomed it.