Dangers of Transhumanism

Dangers of Transhumanism

Technology is a field of study applied in different aspects of careers including engineering. Today, knowledge is applied in the enhancements of human beings. It’s been used to make man’s life as comfortable as possible. The importance of technology cannot be overemphasized enough from the field of medicine to telecommunication and even transport. Eye surgery and brain surgery have all been made possible because of technology. But the man’s thirst to make life even easier is what has driven experts in robotics to transhumanism. Evolution saw human beings come from primitive creatures to the now advanced modern man.

Transhumanism is a concept in which the believers believe that man will evolve into more complex beings. Transhuman concept banks on the fact that technology will advance to a level that it will be possible to integrate it with the working of the human systems. The reason most thinkers back up this advanced human movement is that the movement is aimed at improving sensory capabilities, emotive abilities, and cognitive capabilities. Although all this is aimed at improving the lives of humans, there are various challenges that come with this movement. If a person thinks about a world where human deaths are eliminated to an almost nil value, then the world has problems given this situation.

It poses a threat as instead

A major downside of transhumanism is growth and stagnation concerning mankind’s evolution. Evolutionists believe that human beings have always evolved from apes to the current species. The question posed therefore is, why should our current stage be the last? Human beings need to always move forward, develop and evolve. Transhumanism may pose a challenge and threat to this growth process.

It poses a threat as instead of being a growth process, it could lead to stagnation. Transhumans could be the last step towards human evolution bringing evolution to an end. When this happens, then there will be no more development. The need to move forward will be eliminated.

Dangers of Transhumanism

Dehumanization is also another problem that could arise with the transformation of humans to machines. Tampering with the working of the human body systems would mean that some aspects of being a human will have to be lost. Developers will have to integrate the neural systems with computer chips so that the project works. The human neural links are complex and slight interference may lead to catastrophic effects. Humans will cease being independent species due to reliance on technology. Factors such as emotions of sadness, happiness, and joy will be tampered with hence might destroy the very core of human existence.

Inequality will be a major downside of the transhumanism projects given the differences in effects between different classes. Since automation will enhance intelligence alongside mortality rates, only the rich will afford these services. This will mean that deaths could increase more instead of reducing. Given that the poor will not afford these services, they will ultimately be eliminated from existence. Fear of the unknown is a disadvantage that will come along with transhumanism. Scientists themselves don’t understand how these concepts may play out in the future.

The existence of advanced powers, super strength, and eternal life is desired by most optimists. Diseases will be completely eliminated because bodies will be filled with chips and wires. Although all these seem like good ideas, they could harm or eventually end the planet. Transhumanism is a developing field with great potential but until it becomes a reality, we can only hope that it will go well.