Initial Action of Being a Transhumanist

Initial Action of Being a Transhumanist

The first step here isn’t necessarily about action, but about the belief in technology. You only need to hold the contention that technology (in its numerous different categories) is the best step forward for the population. This idea isn’t just about maximizing the quality of lives by having robot housekeepers tend to all chores, but also about using a cutting medicine to extend human general lifespan(and maybe even eradicate death). A Transhumanist has to have an idea of how the transitioning of the body will function.

A good first step would be

A good first step would be to become an engineer or scientist or a form of technologist to help push forward the edges of technological knowledge. Because so many fields are coming together in this, you could choose between a very broad spectrum of specialties. For example, just as a different type of specialty people might not think of transitioning. A Transhumanist could get a degree as a Psychologist who then specializes in psychology of Artificial General Super Intelligent Personalities (AGSIPs) as we develop them. It could also be genetic engineering, software engineering, electrical engineering, cybernetics, a Ph.D. in medicine, etc.

Transhumanism is a way of thinking

Transhumanism is a way of thinking about the future that is based on body formation. The premise that the human species in its current form does not represent the end of development more rather a comparatively early phase. Just take whatever you specialize in and apply it to pushing forward technological knowledge. Have a desire to evolve beyond what you are and become something more than human, or at least have more capacity than a human. That is literally all it takes, to become an actual transhuman. A transitionist would suggest getting the brain preserved, although you could get cybernetic upgrades such as artificial limbs, or possible future neural implants, they are expensive.

Initial Action of Being a Transhumanist

Have an interest in improving the human condition through technology to the point of moving beyond the current idea of what ‘human’ is. If you’re pro-AI rights (when/if they gain sentience) as a full member of humanity, if you’re pro animal uplift (and their rights), if you’re pro integrating technology in the human body (via various things, not just medical necessity), if you think we should adopt human body to the environment via changing the human body, if you’re for any of those things, and not just limited to those, then you’re already more than halfway there.

Basically, Transhumanism is based on promoting rapid technological advances, particularly not limited to human modification, to improve the human condition. Transhumanism in theory or better-saying ideology /concept that it would be a fusion between the human characteristics and the robot characteristics with the intent to build the perfect, not even human, but living being, so it’s a shift to create an elevated human being with good moral values, no flows that operate like a machine.

If you watch the latest technological progress, like the robot that has been created, so humans look alike, it’s not so far away from the possibilities to be created. Flying cars were impossible and look at the corporation Tesla that has launched the flying car in space or the human robots. They cooperate with each other like it’s happening in a brief video that you can find on the internet, where two robot dogs seem to help each other to go out of the room. It is a fascinating theory that is current but actual especially in this era where there’s an incredible shift in how we perceive what’s social and what’s not. Technologies are a thing that everybody uses daily, so they are interconnected in the way we live.

The study of the ramifications, promises, potential dangers of technologies that will enable us to overcome fundamental human limitations. Inclusive of related studies of the ethical matters involved in developing and using such technologies. There are two methods in the future where we can upgrade intelligence, the first is simple genetic engineering. When we can just guarantee that your child will have a 150 IQ, then an IQ of 150 will be the new IQ of 100. The second is a little more sci-fi-sounding, neural lacing. Rather than messing with the genetics of our brains, we integrate brains with technology. Combined with improvements in AI, and we can essentially all be walking supercomputers.