Transhumanism and its advancements

Transhumanism and its advancements

The major factor separating human beings from animals is human’s ability to invent their needs. Ancient people discovered fire, some discovered metal while others discovered elements. Subsequently, humans found a way to merge things together to make things easier. This led to machines, which were made to make daily work easier for humans. Years ago, people had to send messages through human messengers with unorthodox methods. However, technology has made communication easier with smartphones and other gadgets.

Modes of transportation are faster with technology, as cars and other means replace the horses or camels. As all basic needs are met, humans now have more time to focus on inventing other things too. With time, robots became the focal point of development as they can fulfill tasks for us. Robots are often built with artificial intelligence in their specific area of function. This intelligence is a mechanism that regulates the action of robots.

These people who believe in transhumanism

Transhumanism is a practice or movement centered around the transformation of humans with technology. It is dedicated to promoting the general use of various technologies including artificial intelligence, nanotechnology and others. These techs will be combined in different methods to make humans less prone to dangers or diseases. This movement plans to upgrade humans completely to beings that would stay longer on earth. Those new beings will be free from all types of illnesses.

These people who believe in transhumanism believe humans are meant to evolve. With technology as its aid, transhumanism can occur faster as well as in shorter time. Posthumanism is a term linked with transhumanism, it is based on the life after this one, posthumans. These notions are slightly depicted in science fiction movies like Cyborg or Robocop. In science fiction movies, the characters enhanced by mechanics become superior. They are superior to ordinary people due to living with exaggerated powers.

Despite the downsides, they are advances

This transhumanism process promises to aid numerous issues that the human body faces daily. Since the human body is fragile, it is prone to all kinds of diseases that weaken its systems. Transhumans will have an edge over infections from bacteria, fungi with foreign or harmful substances. It promises an end to suffering, which humans face daily due to their weaker state. All enhancements affiliated with this technique aim at promoting longevity. Advocates argue it has an advantage in beating death if it proceeds. Nevertheless, there are multiple downsides to such futuristic mechanics as they advance.

Despite the downsides, they are advances marked to save mankind. There are 3 distinct downsides to transhumanism, reproduction, interaction and superiority. Transhumans will be more advanced than human beings leading to segregation into separate classes. Those transhumans will be recognized as superior as they would be regarded as such. Different species on earth communicate separately with each other to jointly survive. This would be no different between those 2 types when they begin to coexist. Transhumans would lack the ability to procreate and reproduce with former beings.

Transhumanism and its advancements

Like all animals that have gone extinct, Homo sapiens could go as well. If sapiens do not breed among themselves due to low population, extinction occurs rapidly. Even though the idea belongs to a movement right now, it has already started. Slowly, technology has become part of our lives to a point of vitality. There are cases where people are dying and require mechanics for survival.

That is for external cases, but humans have mechanical devices in their bodies. Pacemaker cells are cells that ensure a regular heart beat per second. In cases where those cells do not function properly, pacemaker devices are used. By inserting this device into the heart, you certify transhumanism’s beginning. These mechanical devices help prolong life beyond anomalies that could shorten them. Athletes and sports professionals that require amputation use robotic parts as replacements. There are prosthetic arms, fingers and other important parts of bodies.

Decades ago, when amputations occurred, victims were left disabled due to inability to perform simple tasks. Transhumanism has started already and is developing rapidly, it will be all round in no time as it advances. As these experiments proceed, scientists will discover how to fully merge homo sapiens with mechanical robots. It has developed slowly before, and it is developing faster now as advocates fight for it.