Transhumanism Movement

Transhumanism Movement

The emerging of man and machine creating a superhuman from genetic selection or even brain implants, creates a new species slightly different from normal people. It’s a great movement where scientists wish to provide a man’s mind with the power of machine. It is a futurist movement with the future itself being limitless. In most cases, people would consider the end of humanity as a catastrophe, something that is not at all good. However, there are some who would not only rejoice to it, but wants to hasten the day it arrives. Transhumanists look forward to a future in which homosapien is superseded by a better, smarter, fitter model with humanity itself at about 2%.

Humans are in dire need of improvement; any species that cause huge damages to the environment can’t feed itself even though it has enough food and fights countless wars costing millions of lives, must surely benefit from an intelligence upgrade. Our lifespans are short, people’s final years are usually characterized by diminishing health and vitality often accompanied by drop-off in qualitative capacity. About 1-in 3 people born in 2015 are expected to get dementia. Is this really the best we can ever hope? Transhumanists think not.

Improving humans through science and technology

Aging could be stopped or even be reversed, enhancements could dramatically raise IQs and make us stronger or fitter. We might even be able to leave the fragile bodies we possess behind while uploading ourselves to computers, then living forever in virtual worlds.

Improving humans through science and technology could radically change them. Such a new beginning would in effect be the end of humanity as it is today known. Many transhumanists see this act as not only desirable, but inevitable at which computers become smart enough to learn for themselves after which they will rapidly become smarter. The future belongs to artificial intelligence which uses algorithms to fully function, the chance for humanity to survive is to embrace it and become wholly or partially artificial last cells. This thought of being replaced by a new form of humanity is bound to be unsettling, but transhumanists think we will be wrong to remain like we are in thousands of years to come.

Transhumanism Movement

Transhumanism is essentially the philosophical school of thought that says human beings should use technology to transcend their limitations, that is perfectly natural for them to use tools to overcome their boundaries or to extend their minds. The internet is wired like the neurons in human brains which is also wired as computer models of dark matter in the universe. They all share the same intertwine structures; this indicates that there is no distinction between the born and the made, all of it is nature.

The transhumanism movement relates to the school of thought that humans have an ability to upgrade or upload themselves beyond possible means. These transitions would require the use of high-level algorithms being channeled to function like normal people. Brain researchers as well as software scientists are working closely to determine how to channel computer models to like humans.